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Matthew Bruce Tenor

Highlands Opera Studio 2018, Haliburton, ON

Independent Study: Richard Margison, Louise-Andree Baril, John Fisher, Michael Rose, Richard Tucker

Calgary Opera Emerging Artist Development Program 2013-2015 Calgary, AB

Vocal Instruction: Nancy Argenta, Tracy Dahl, Dawn Johnson, John Tessier

Coaches / Repetiteurs: Robert Dean, Gordon Gerrard, Mel Kirby, Michael McMahon, Christopher Mokrzewski, Robert Tweten, Kinza Tyrrell

Acting: Glynis Leyshon, Rob Herriot Yoga/Movement: Kyrsten Blair

Opera Nuova Intensive Program 2014, Edmonton, AB

Directors: Brian Deedrick, Kim Mattice-Wanat

Voice: Isabel Bayrakdarian, Marianne Bindig, John Fanning, Judith Forst, Christiane Riel

Conductors: Gordon Gerard, Rosemary Thomson

Victoria Conservatory of Music 2011 - 2013, Victoria, BC

Opera Studio Program: Nancy Argenta, Ingrid Attrot, Benjamin Butterfield, Allison Greene, Robert Holliston, Joey Pietraroia, Glynis Leyshon, Timothy Vernon.

Advanced Voice Workshop: Nancy Argenta, Ingrid Attrot, Robert Holliston, Csinszka Redai

Canadian College of Performing Arts, Enriched Certificate of Performing Arts (CCPA), 2008 - 2010 Victoria, BC

Jazz: Jacques Lemay

Tap: Janice Tooby-McDonald, Michael Boston

Ballet: David Roland

Acting: Dr. Iris McGregor Bannerman, Christopher Weddell, Barbara Poggemiller, Dan Costain, Jim Leard

Transition to Screen (film): John Emmet Tracy

Vocal Ensemble: Dr. Marvin Regier, Matthew Howe, Jim Hill

Private Voice Training

Dr. Thomas Glenn

Mr. John Tessier

Ms. Tracy Dahl

Ms. Dawn Johnson

Ms. Nancy Argenta

Dr. Garry Froese

Dr. Marvin Regier

Barbara, Bruce Johnson  

2016 - Calgary, AB

2016 - Edmonton, AB

2013 - 2015 Calgary, BC

2013 - 2015 Calgary, BC

2011 - 2013 Victoria, BC

2010 - 2011 Victoria, BC

2008 - 2010 Victoria, BC

1986 – 2006 Vancouver, BC